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LGM Consulting provides full spectrum personnel recovery training from a basic course focusing on developing individual confidence within the chosen environment to advanced refresher training for those who have already received training.

A full spectrum training course may include basic survival principles in a rural environment, urban evasion, surviving in captivity environments and escape methodology.

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Personnel Recovery Training by Subject Matter Experts

LGM Consulting starts with basic survival principles: personnel protection, sustenance, signaling and navigation; or move to higher levels of learning by developing a training plan depending on prior training experiences or mission specifics.

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Survival training by skilled experts

Survival Training by Skilled Experts

All training is scenario-based, with an emphasis on an experiential learning environment. LGM offers basic survival training courses to novices, outdoor enthusiasts or experienced operators needing advanced refresher training. Contact us for information about advanced survival training courses. View a sample course outline.

  • Personnel recovery hostage detention programs
  • 3-day sample survival course

LGM Consulting Sample 3-Day Course

This course covers personnel recovery / hostage detention subjects. It prepares the students to be self-sufficient if they become isolated and provides the ability to make educated decisions while under duress based on sound principles. Any person deploying to an overseas environment where there is any type of threat should attend this course. View a sample 3-day course outline.

All programs can be customized with different training modules attached to the overall program. Contact us to have our experts put together the best program to fit your requirements.

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